Live Music - Brian Adler's Helium

Brian Adler's first musical experience was at the age of five, when he began studying the North Indian mridung and playing for kirtans in upstate New York. Soon after, Adler received a drum set and throughout grade school and high school, developed a deep connection to the instrument. Looking to further expand his rhythmic foundation, he went to New England Conservatory where he studied jazz, Indian music and South American music traditions, as well as how to find his own voice within music. He studied with: Billy Hart, John Hollenbeck, Billy Higgins, Bob Meyer, Dave Rataczjak, Misha Masud, among others.

Adler's most recent endeavor, the Helium Music Project, is an ongoing global collaboration with a growing number of musicians including: Kate McGarry, Marilyn Crispell, Ben Monder, Heather Masse, Bendedikt Jahnel, Rodrigo Dominguez, Daniel Piazzolla and many others. Releasing music through a series of "Phases," the Helium Music Project attempts to transcend the boundaries of stylistic genres and geographic borders to create a new format for musical output. "A delightfully uplifting representation of [Adler's ] musical philosophy," says Alex Ariff of All About Jazz.

Brian has performed around the world at venues including Carnegie Hall (New York), to Thelonious (Buenos Aires), to the Ear Shot Jazz festival (Seattle) to Passinger Fabrik (Munich). His music has also been used in films and featured at the South by Southwest film festival.

Tonight's gig will feature fellow musicians Josh Deutsch, Nick Kadajski, Danny Fox and Mark Lau.

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Friday, November 16, 2012
9:00 PM - 11:30 PM


The Queens Kickshaw
40-17 Broadway, Long Island City