"Secret Confessions" at Tropical Reflections Ballroom

MooreThanMusic Productions
Omar Moore / Executive Producer
483 New Jersey Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207

April 29, 2013
Byron C. Saunders
Contact: 646-354-8216

“Secret Confessions” at Tropical Reflections Ballroom

Brooklyn, NY. - MooreThanMusic Productions presents a stage play like no other. IT'S called "Secret Confessions". It's a story of a domestic violence case with a twist!!!

Secret Confessions, has the perfect blend of drama, comedy, and suspense, with a great message at the end that should be bought to the light. It will be performed on Sunday - May 19th, 2013 at 5:00 pm performance at Tropical Reflections Ballroom located at 4501 Glenwood Rd Brooklyn, NY 11203.

This is a must see production with a very talented cast starring: Al Bynum, Moe Romello Cooper, Zyneisha Green, Omar Moore, Tatanisha Pearson, Jannie Stroman, Jerome Walters, and Rickie Zahir.

Don't miss your chance to see it before it leaves New York. You don't want to miss this one...!!!

Tickets are $30 per person. Purchase 2-4 tickets at $25 per ticket. Purchase 5 or more tickets at $20 per ticket. For tickets - group sales - or additional information, contact MooreThanMusic Productions at 347-856-7949.



Sunday, May 19, 2013
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Tropical Reflections Ballroom
4501 Glenwood Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11203