Your Happiness Matters (Heal your Mind)

The Question is: Will you ever be happy? The answer lies within.

People are searching for meaning, for purpose, for a sense of peace. They have just been looking in the wrong place. Happiness won’t be found outside yourself, but within.

The human mind is an accumulation of pictures that is stored within your mind and body. These pictures are taken by eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and body, which is a 5-sense camera. These pictures dictate thoughts, emotions, desires, behaviors and health. Although they are illusions, humans unknowingly live inside the illusions in their mind thinking that they are real.

Through Maum Meditation, you will become free of the pictures, free of the incessant recording, hence, become free from the illusionary false world which is the human mind. No longer trapped in the human mind, you will find your true purpose, and reach the state of eternal happiness when reborn in the universe mind.

Come join the evening with Maum meditation, and give yourself a break with live jazz music, short film, intriguing discussion about mind and body, ending with relaxing wine and snack.

To RSVP for your free tickets, call 718-225-3472 or 516-644-5231


Friday, July 26, 2013
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Adelphi University Performing Arts Center
1 South Ave. Garden City, NY 11530