We will be focusing on the salon style of tango as danced socially. Fundamentals such as posture, embrace, balance, musicality, and walk are not just the foundation of the Tango: They also make the dance look and feel beautiful.

Classes will be split into three levels.

Level A (Omar Lagos) - 7pm
This class is geared for people that have very, very little to no tango experience.

Level B (Angeles Chañaha) - 7pm
This class is for those that have some or even a lot of experience but want to really focus on further building up their walk and moving beautifully and elegantly.

Level A (Angeles Chañaha) - 8pm
This class will be for those that have little to no tango experience, just like Omar's A level class but with a female touch.

Level C (Mariana Fresno) - 8pm
This is the class for those that are a bit more advanced. This will be geared for people that might have a larger vocabulary of movements and wish to really turn what they know into a dance. The focus of this level will be improvisation.

Practica - 9pm-11pm
The Practica is a two hour practice session. The first 30 minutes will have no cortinas (a "curtain," or short break between 3-4 tango songs). This is the time to try out something new. The rest 1.5 hours will be with cortinas. This is to create an environment that will ready our students for the Milonga and will play music and adhere to the rules as traditional in the Milonga.
During the practica our teachers will offer assistance and continue to build you up to become a better dancer.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013
7:30 PM - 11:00 PM


41-01 Broadway, Astoria NY 11103